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7 Powerful Cybersecurity Skills the Energy Sector Needs Most
Feature  |  6/22/2021  | 
Those looking to join the fight might want to polish up or acquire some (or all) of these hottest skills on the market.
Cartoon Caption Winner: In Tow
Feature  |  6/21/2021  | 
11 Security Certifications to Seek Out This Summer
Feature  |  6/18/2021  | 
The more you know, the more you grow. The Edge takes a fresh look at leading security certifications that can help advance your career.
Is an Attacker Living Off Your Land?
Feature  |  6/16/2021  | 
Living-off-the-land attacks pose significant risks to organizations and, on top of that, are difficult to detect. Learn the basics about how these attacks operate and ways to limit their damage.
How President Biden Can Better Defend the US From Russian Hacks
Feature  |  6/15/2021  | 
Wilson Center cybersecurity expert Meg King pinpoints five ambitious steps the administration should take, including a comprehensive national data breach notification protocol.
'Beware the Lady Named Katie'
Feature  |  6/10/2021  | 
A semester-long course boiled down to two minutes and 45 seconds.
11 Cybersecurity Vendors to Watch in 2021
Feature  |  6/10/2021  | 
The cybersecurity landscape continues to spawn new companies and attract new investments. Here is just a sampling of what the industry has to offer.
What to Know About Updates to the PCI Secure Software Standard
Feature  |  6/9/2021  | 
New requirements add 50 controls covering five control objectives. Here's a high-level look at each objective.
Welcome to the New Workplace
Feature  |  6/4/2021  | 
The pandemic has changed the landscape in which security pros work. Here are five ways how.
A View From Inside a Deception
Feature  |  6/2/2021  | 
Pen-testing today's threat deception technology is not for the faint-hearted. Do modern deception tools truly frustrate adversaries, and are they ready for the enterprise SOC?
Microsoft 365: Most Common Threat Vectors & Defensive Tips
Feature  |  6/2/2021  | 
Security pros discuss the most typical ways attackers leverage Microsoft 365 and share their guidance for defenders.
Name That Edge Toon: In Tow
Feature  |  6/1/2021  | 
Feeling creative? Submit your caption in the comments, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.
A Wrench and a Screwdriver: Critical Infrastructure's Last, Best Lines of Defense?
Feature  |  5/28/2021  | 
Critical infrastructure's cybersecurity problems are complex, deep-rooted, and daunting. Addressing them won't be easy...but it isn't impossible.
How Are Cyber Insurance Companies Assessing Ransomware Risk?
Feature  |  5/26/2021  | 
From limiting claims payments to tying payments to policyholders' actions, the cyber insurance industry is in "a very dynamic place right now," says Corvus Insurance CEO Phil Edmundson.
The Makings of a Better Cybersecurity Hire
Feature  |  5/25/2021  | 
Experience counts, but as one CISO has learned, don't overlook a creative, motivated candidate just because their background doesn't match the job description.
Cartoon Caption Winner: Magic May
Feature  |  5/24/2021  | 
And the winner of The Edge's May cartoon caption contest is ...
Cloud Security Blind Spots: Where They Are and How to Protect Them
Feature  |  5/21/2021  | 
Security experts discuss oft-neglected areas of cloud security and offer guidance to businesses working to strengthen their security posture.
The Edge Poll: Moving On
Feature  |  5/21/2021  | 
During the stresses of the pandemic, did you ever consider quitting security?
Don't Let Scary Headlines Shape Your Company's Cyber-Resilience Strategy
Feature  |  5/20/2021  | 
Resilience planning should be based on data and backed by technology, cybersecurity pros agreed at this week's RSA Conference.
How to Get Employees to Care About Security
Feature  |  5/18/2021  | 
Want to a security awareness program that sticks? Make it fun and personal -- and offer free lunch.
Best 11 Quotes From Cryptographers' Panel
Feature  |  5/18/2021  | 
Cryptographers at an RSA Conference panel aren't worried about adversarial quantum cryptography. Machine learning, though, causes pressing practical issues.
RSAC 2021: What Will SolarWinds' CEO Reveal?
Feature  |  5/17/2021  | 
In a keynote conversation with Forrester analyst Laura Koetzle, Sudhakar Ramakrishna will get candid about the historic breach.
How Faster COVID-19 Research Is Being Made Possible by Secure Silicon
Feature  |  5/14/2021  | 
When Intel and Leidos set up a "trusted execution environment" to enable a widespread group of researchers to securely share and confidentially compute real-world data, it was no small achievement.
Cybersecurity: What Is Truly Essential?
Feature  |  5/12/2021  | 
In an effort to protect their organizations, security professionals can overdo it. The result often works against them.
10 Security Awareness Training Mistakes to Avoid
Feature  |  5/10/2021  | 
Give your cybersecurity culture a boost by adding these to the "don't" column of your cybersecurity awareness training do's and don'ts list.
The Edge Pro Quote: Password Empowerment
Feature  |  5/7/2021  | 
Despite being a pain in the neck, passwords may hold a psychological purpose that security pros should take into account.
11 Reasons Why You Sorta Love Passwords
Feature  |  5/7/2021  | 
We asked you to tell the truth about why you secretly love passwords. From the heartfelt to the hilarious, here's what you had to say.
How to Move Beyond Passwords and Basic MFA
Feature  |  5/6/2021  | 
It's not a question of whether passwordless is coming -- it's simply a question of when. How should your organization prepare? (Part two of a two-part series.)
Debating Law Enforcement's Role in the Fight Against Cybercrime
Feature  |  5/5/2021  | 
The FBI's action to remove Web shells from compromised Microsoft Exchange Servers sparks a broader discussion about officials' response to cyberattacks.
Planning Our Passwordless Future
Feature  |  5/4/2021  | 
All the talk that passwords could one day go away seemed too good to be true, yet the scales are finally started to tip to a passwordless reality. (Part one of a two-part series.)
Name That Edge Toon: Magical May
Feature  |  5/3/2021  | 
Feeling creative? Submit your caption in the comments, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.
The Edge Pro Tip: Protect IoT Devices
Feature  |  5/3/2021  | 
As Internet-connected devices become more prevalent in organizations, security issues increase as well.
Ghost Town Security: What Threats Lurk in Abandoned Offices?
Feature  |  4/30/2021  | 
Millions of office buildings and campuses were rapidly abandoned during the pandemic. Now it's a year later. What happened in those office parks and downtown ghost towns? What security dangers lurk there now, waiting to ambush returning businesses?
Cartoon Caption Winner: Rough Patch?
Feature  |  4/28/2021  | 
And the winner of The Edge's April cartoon caption contest is ...
10K Hackers Defend the Planet Against Extraterrestrials
Feature  |  4/27/2021  | 
Hack the Planet's Cyber Apocalypse capture-the-flag contest attracts 10,000 competitors from across the globe.
Cybersecurity and the Way to a Balanced Life
Feature  |  4/26/2021  | 
With work more demanding than ever, how can cybersecurity pros safeguard their organizations and their own mental well-being at the same time?
Window Snyder Launches Startup to Fill IoT Security Gaps
Feature  |  4/23/2021  | 
Thistle Technologies aims to help connected device manufacturers securely deliver updates to their products.
Tell Us the Truth: Why Do You LOVE Passwords?
Feature  |  4/23/2021  | 
There must be something you appreciate about the humble password, right? Tell us what you think.
The Edge Pro Tip: Brush Up on Web Shells
Feature  |  4/22/2021  | 
While neither new nor novel, Web shells are making an impact with a surge of Exchange attacks.
Edge Poll: Passwordless Plans
Feature  |  4/22/2021  | 
How long do you think it will be before your organization gets rid of passwords?
Who's Your Login?
Feature  |  4/22/2021  | 
If only Abbott and Costello were around today.
7 Old IT Things Every New InfoSec Pro Should Know
Feature  |  4/20/2021  | 
Beneath all those containers and IoT devices, there's a rich patchwork of gear, protocols, and guidelines that have been holding it together since before you were born. Knowledge of those fundamentals is growing more valuable, not less.
How to Create an Incident Response Plan From the Ground Up
Feature  |  4/15/2021  | 
Security 101: In the wake of an incident, it's important to cover all your bases -- and treat your IR plan as a constantly evolving work in progress.
The CISO Life Is Half as Good
Feature  |  4/14/2021  | 
Lora Vaughn was at a crossroads -- and that was before mandated pandemic lockdowns came into play. Here's her story of how life got sweeter after she stepped away from the CISO job.
The Edge Pro Tip: Update Your DDoS Defense Plan
Feature  |  4/6/2021  | 
The idea of monetizing distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks dates back to the 1990s. But the rise of DDoS-for-hire services and cryptocurrencies has radically changed the landscape.
9 Modern-Day Best Practices for Log Management
Feature  |  4/6/2021  | 
Log management is nothing new. But doing so smartly, correctly, and concisely in today's data-driven world is another story.
Name That Edge Toon: Rough Patch?
Feature  |  4/5/2021  | 
Feeling creative? Submit your caption in the comments, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.
How to Build a Resilient IoT Framework
Feature  |  4/1/2021  | 
For all of their benefits, IoT devices weren't built with security in mind -- and that can pose huge challenges.
What You Need to Know -- or Remember -- About Web Shells
Feature  |  3/30/2021  | 
What's old is new again as Web shell malware becomes the latest attack vector in widespread Exchange exploits. Here's a primer on what Web shells are and what they do.
A Day in the Life of a DevSecOps Manager
Feature  |  3/26/2021  | 
"Most days are good days," says Rally Health's Ari Kalfus. But they sure are busy, he tells The Edge.
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Cartoon Caption Winner: In Tow
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