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9 Principles to Simplify Security
Menny Barzilay, CEO at Cytactic & Founder of the THINK:CYBER NewsletterCommentary
This isn't a one-size-fits-all situation. Simplify as much as you can, as the saying goes, but no more than that.
By Menny Barzilay CEO at Cytactic & Founder of the THINK:CYBER Newsletter, 11/8/2019
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Black Hat Q&A: Hacking a '90s Sports Car
Black Hat Staff,  News
Security researcher Stanislas Lejay offers a preview of his upcoming Black Hat Europe talk on automotive engine computer management and hardware reverse engineering.
By By Alex Wawro, Special to Dark Reading , 11/7/2019
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Raising Security Awareness: Why Tools Can't Replace People
Lena Smart, Chief Information Security Officer, MongoDBCommentary
Training your people and building relationships outside of the security organization is the most significant investment a CISO can make.
By Lena Smart Chief Information Security Officer, MongoDB, 11/1/2019
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Quantifying Security Results to Justify Costs
Douglas Ferguson, Founder & CTO, Pharos SecurityCommentary
The CISO job isn't to protect the entire business from all threats for any budget. It's to spell out what level of protection executives can expect for a given budget.
By Douglas Ferguson Founder & CTO, Pharos Security, 10/31/2019
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9 Ways Data Vampires Are Bleeding Your Sensitive Information
Dr. Steve Marsh, Vice President at Nucleus CyberCommentary
Pull a Van Helsing on those sucking the lifeblood from your data and intellectual property.
By Dr. Steve Marsh Vice President at Nucleus Cyber, 10/31/2019
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Email Threats Poised to Haunt Security Pros into Next Decade
Eyal Benishti, CEO & Founder of IRONSCALESCommentary
Decentralized threat intel sharing, more public-private collaboration, and greater use of automated incident response are what's needed to combat phishing
By Eyal Benishti CEO & Founder of IRONSCALES, 10/30/2019
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Hacking Phones: How Law Enforcement Is Saving Privacy
Matthew Rosenquist, Cybersecurity StrategistCommentary
It's no longer true that society must choose to either weaken everybody's privacy or let criminals run rampant.
By Matthew Rosenquist Cybersecurity Strategist, 10/30/2019
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Why It's Imperative to Bridge the IT & OT Cultural Divide
Dave Weinstein, Chief Security Officer, ClarotyCommentary
As industrial enterprises face the disruptive forces of an increasingly connected world, these two cultures must learn to coexist.
By Dave Weinstein Chief Security Officer, Claroty, 10/29/2019
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4 Security Lessons Federal IT Pros Can Teach the Private Sector
Greg Kushto, Vice President of Sales Engineering at Force 3Commentary
With a little research and basic planning, small companies can make big strides against the cybersecurity threats they face. Here's how.
By Greg Kushto Vice President of Sales Engineering at Force 3, 10/25/2019
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It's Time to Improve Website Identity Indicators, Not Remove Them
Tim Callan, Senior Fellow, SectigoCommentary
Why Google and Mozilla are wrong about the benefits of Extended Validation certificates that aim to prevent fraud and protect user privacy.
By Tim Callan Senior Fellow, Sectigo, 10/24/2019
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Report: 2020 Presidential Campaigns Still Vulnerable to Web Attacks
Gary Golomb, Co-Founder & Chief Research Officer at Awake SecurityCommentary
Nine out of 12 Democratic candidates have yet to enable DNSSEC, a simple set of extensions that stops most targeted domain-based attacks.
By Gary Golomb Co-Founder & Chief Research Officer at Awake Security, 10/23/2019
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The AI (R)evolution: Why Humans Will Always Have a Place in the SOC
Celeste Fralick, Chief Data Scientist & Senior Principal Engineer, McAfeeCommentary
In cybersecurity, the combination of men, women and machines can do what neither can do alone -- form a complementary team capable of upholding order and fighting the forces of evil.
By Celeste Fralick Chief Data Scientist & Senior Principal Engineer, McAfee, 10/22/2019
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Keeping Too Many Cooks out of the Security Kitchen
Joshua Goldfarb, Independent ConsultantCommentary
A good security team helps the business help itself operate more securely -- soliciting input while adhering to a unified strategy, vision, goals, and priorities.
By Joshua Goldfarb Independent Consultant, 10/22/2019
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SOC Puppet: Dark Reading Caption Contest Winners
Marilyn Cohodas, Managing Editor, Dark ReadingCommentary
Social engineering, SOC analysts, and Sock puns. And the winners are:
By Marilyn Cohodas Managing Editor, Dark Reading, 10/18/2019
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Smart Prevention: How Every Enterprise Can Create Human Firewalls
Debby Briggs, Chief Security Officer at NETSCOUTCommentary
Organizations of all sizes should include both human firewalls and virtual tools in their cybersecurity budgets.
By Debby Briggs Chief Security Officer at NETSCOUT, 10/17/2019
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How to Think Like a Hacker
Dr. Giovanni Vigna, Chief Technology Officer at LastlineCommentary
In the arms race of computer security, it's never been more important to develop an adversarial mindset that can identify assumptions and determine if and how they can be violated.
By Dr. Giovanni Vigna Chief Technology Officer at Lastline, 10/10/2019
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Virginia a Hot Spot For Cybersecurity Jobs
Jai Vijayan, Contributing WriterNews
State has highest number of people in information security roles and the most current job openings, Comparitech study finds.
By Jai Vijayan Contributing Writer, 10/9/2019
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A Realistic Threat Model for the Masses
Lysa Myers, Security Researcher, ESETCommentary
For many people, overly restrictive advice about passwords and other security practices is doing more harm than good. Here's why.
By Lysa Myers Security Researcher, ESET, 10/9/2019
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Utilities' Operational Networks Continue to Be Vulnerable
Robert Lemos, Contributing WriterNews
More than half of utilities have suffered an outage or data loss in the last 12 months, but only a minority of organizations seem ready for an attack that could affect operations, a survey finds.
By Robert Lemos Contributing Writer, 10/8/2019
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Lack of Role Models, Burnout & Pay Disparity Hold Women Back
Kelly Sheridan, Staff Editor, Dark ReadingNews
New ISACA data emphasizes a gap between men and women who share their opinions on underrepresentation of women and equal pay in the tech industry.
By Kelly Sheridan Staff Editor, Dark Reading, 10/7/2019
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From DHS/US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database
PUBLISHED: 2019-11-11
maidag in GNU Mailutils before 3.8 is installed setuid and allows local privilege escalation in the url mode.
PUBLISHED: 2019-11-11
ImageMagick before 7.0.9-0 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service because XML_PARSE_HUGE is not properly restricted in coders/svg.c, related to SVG and libxml2.
PUBLISHED: 2019-11-11
A Denial Of Service vulnerability exists in the safe-svg (aka Safe SVG) plugin through 1.9.4 for WordPress, related to unlimited recursion for a '<use ... xlink:href="#identifier">' substring.
PUBLISHED: 2019-11-11
A Denial Of Service vulnerability exists in the safe-svg (aka Safe SVG) plugin through 1.9.4 for WordPress, related to potentially unwanted elements or attributes.
PUBLISHED: 2019-11-11
A Denial Of Service vulnerability exists in the SVG Sanitizer module through 8.x-1.0-alpha1 for Drupal because access to external resources with an SVG use element is mishandled.