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RASP 101: Staying Safe With Runtime Application Self-Protection

The dream of RASP is to empower applications to protect themselves. How close do current implementations get to living the dream? Here's what to know. more >

Gaming Industry Hit With 10B+ Attacks In Past Two Years

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Chart: Does Lack of Diversity Impact the Skills Shortage?

Yes, according to 21% of security pros who participated in the 2020 Black Hat Attendee Survey.
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Our Diversity Program Isn't Working. What Are We Doing Wrong?

Helen Patton, CISO and AVP, The Ohio State University: It takes time and attention before Diversity becomes Inclusion becomes Equity...

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Should I Segment My IoT Devices Onto Their Own Networks?

Sean Tufts, practice director, product security, ICS and IoT, Optiv: It depends. Some clients are very focused on determining whether a device is ...

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Can I Use the Same Security Tools on My IT and OT?

Sean Tufts, practice director, product security, ICS and IoT, Optiv: You can absolutely leverage IT/OT tools in either environment. My soapbox: The worst thing the cybersecurity industry did was ...

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Gone in a Flash

Source: StaySafeOnline.org

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