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Keys to Better Cyber Risk Assessment
Date: May 05, 2021

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The perils of security breaches are widely publicized, but do you know exactly how an attack or breach would affect your business? At this Dark Reading webinar, learn about the costs associated with today’s threats and data breaches, how to measure current threats, and how to quantify the risks to your organization, so that you can implement the tools and processes to prioritize costs and defense strategies specifically for your environment.

Building Asset Management into Your Enterprise Security Strategy
Date: Apr 21, 2021

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A key reason for many enterprise security breaches is that security teams find themselves supporting systems, applications, and devices that they didn’t know they had. Often, attackers exploit these “blind spots” by introducing devices or code that appears to be legitimate. How can you get a complete picture of your IT assets – and identify rogue components that might present a threat to your enterprise?

In this webinar, experts discuss methods and technologies for gaining a more complete picture of your IT environment, and for securing or eliminating unknown elements that attempt to use your network.

Insider Threats: An Interactive Crisis Simulation
Date: Apr 20, 2021

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Every day, sensitive enterprise data is compromised by trusted users who, knowingly or accidentally, expose critical information to the outside world. Such compromises can cost your organization dearly in liability, loss of intellectual property, and loss of customer and supplier trust. Do you have the tools, skills, and staffing needed to prevent such a breach? Do you know what steps you must take in the event of a compromise?

On April 20, Immersive Labs will offer a unique opportunity to see, first-hand, the impact of an insider compromise. This interactive webinar will throw attendees into an emerging insider threat simulation taking place at a fictional pharmaceutical company. In this scenario, participants from various industries must use their decision-making skills to find the insider threat, manage the growing crisis, and prevent the loss of potentially billions of dollars.

The crisis simulation will help attendees see how insider threats can happen, how they spread, and the impact they can have on critical business and personal information. You’ll also get a look at methods your organization can use to prevent such threats, and strategies for mitigating them. Attending this educational simulation will benefit any industry/company concerned with keeping IP, trade secrets or data secure from insider threat.

How to Think Like a Cyber Attacker
Date: Apr 14, 2021

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More and more, enterprises are discovering that the best way to test and defend their organization is to view their IT environment from the perspective of an attacker. But how do you predict an attacker's motives and simulate their methods, and how do you know that you aren’t overlooking key vulnerabilities? In this Dark Reading webinar, experts discuss methods for testing your security’s mettle by thinking like your adversary.

Understanding XDR
Date: Apr 08, 2021

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Over the past few years, many enterprises have discovered the benefits of endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools, which help to identify potential threats and warn security teams to take action. But today, many enterprises are also realizing that other threat surfaces, such as networks and clouds, also provide critical telemetry that can help security teams to quickly identify and respond to threats. In this webinar, experts discuss the benefits and limitations of EDR, and offer recommendations on how to extend these capabilities to other parts of the IT infrastructure in order to improve overall security. 

Detecting and Mitigating Attacks on Remote Workers
Date: Apr 06, 2021

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COVID-19 forced a rapid shift to remote work in every enterprise –and created a green field for cyber attackers. Early attacks focused on COVID-themed phishing attacks, but today cybercriminals are finding new ways of compromising corporate data via home wi-fi, poorly-secured endpoints, and vulnerable mobile devices. In this webinar, experts discuss some of the cyber attacks that have been made on work-from-home end users, as well as exploits against remote systems and devices. More importantly, the experts discuss what you can do to detect such attacks before they can do damage to your corporate data, and how you can mitigate them so they don’t compromise your systems again.

Cybersecuritys Next Wave: What Every Enterprise Should Know
Date: Mar 25, 2021

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Cybersecurity technology and practices are undergoing a sea change. While COVID-19 quarantines literally turned enterprise networks upside down overnight, a new wave of online attacks put enterprise data at risk. Today’s security operations center, once focused entirely on perimeter defenses, is now abuzz with new disciplines, including threat hunting and incident response. And yesterday’s security technologies are being remade with new capabilities, including artificial intelligence, automation, and orchestration.

How is your security organization keeping up with these rapid shifts in process and technology? Have you been briefed on the latest approaches to securing a widely-remote set of users and trading partners? Would you like to know more about evolving methods for automating cybersecurity processes, enabling the security team to do more work with fewer staff? Can AI and machine learning really help your team to detect and mitigate the new wave of sophisticated attacks?

Get the answers to these and many other emerging cybersecurity questions at Dark Reading’s first-quarter event: Cybersecurity’s Next Wave: What Every Enterprise Should Know. This free, all-day online conference, produced by the editors of Dark Reading, offers an online “crash course” on some of the latest tools and best practices for fighting the next generation of security threats. You’ll hear from top experts and practitioners on how to secure remote systems, even after the COVID-19 crisis has settled.

Among the topics that will be covered at Cybersecurity’s Next Wave: What Every Enterprise Should Know:

  • Strategies for improving security in remote and work-from-home systems
  • New methods for securing links to customers and suppliers working remotely
  • Emerging best practices and technologies for automating cybersecurity processes
  • Methods for linking and orchestrating existing systems to improve overall security
  • Tools and processes for collecting and filtering security data
  • Strategies for using AI and machine learning to improve threat detection
  • Advice and recommendations for penetration testing and threat hunting
  • Future directions of security technology – and how to prepare for them

If you want to get up the speed on the latest developments in cybersecurity tools and best practices – including methods for securing today’s widely-remote enterprise workforce -- then this virtual event is for you.

Zero Trust for a Work-From-Home World
Date: Mar 17, 2021

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When organizations abruptly sent vast numbers of employees home, their carefully planned security architectures were forced to adapt to new challenges. But the makeshift WFH security architectures thrown together with duct tape and rubber bands in spring 2020 are not strong enough to handle the needs of an enterprise with a permanently remote workforce. Precious corporate endpoint devices sent to unfamiliar locations, connecting to routers that use default passwords, and sharing space with unsecured IoT devices...is a zero-trust security architecture even possible in a situation like this? In this Dark Reading webinar, learn how to make layered, zero-trust architecture work among today's business realities (and tomorrow's).

People Are The Most Important Part of Autonomous SOC
Date: Mar 16, 2021

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The vision of Autonomous SOC is not one intended to be fully realized, but to provide a framework for solving security operations challenges by prioritizing your most valuable asset, people. As security teams make meaningful improvements in their use of automation, as well as technologies that monitor and adapt, they are prioritizing the most important asset in the people, processes, and technology triumvirate.

In this webinar, we will explore specific challenges to identify, validate, and remediate to advance your own maturity toward an autonomous SOC.

Detecting and Preventing Insider Data Leaks
Date: Mar 11, 2021

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While malicious insiders often get the headlines, most enterprise data leaks are accidental -- caused by end users who fail to follow corporate security policy or try to work around it. In this webinar, experts discuss methods for detecting and preventing risky or anomalous end user behavior, as well as methods for preventing unauthorized access and transfer of data by end users. You’ll also get insight on the evolution of technology used to prevent accidental data leaks, such as data leak protection (DLP) and alternatives.

Drafting a Data Breach Response Playbook
Date: Mar 09, 2021

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The cyber attackers hit their mark, and your sensitive databases have been breached: now what do you do? Whom should you call first? What should you tell customers, employees and other stakeholders; and when? Do you have a plan to contain the damage, eliminate the threat, avoid destruction of forensic evidence, and keep the business operational at the same time? Do you know how to uphold compliance requirements, address customer questions, and pay for all the unforeseen costs of a data breach? Be prepared with some answers. In this webinar, learn what processes and procedures, tools and techniques should go into your data breach response playbook, so your infosec “bad day” doesn’t need to be worse.

Ten Keys to Better Security Data Analysis
Date: Mar 03, 2021

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If you’re swimming in security incident data, alerts, and log files, you’re not alone. How can you aggregate that data and analyze it quickly, to identify sophisticated or obfuscated attacks? In this webinar, experts discuss ways to effectively collect and analyze large amounts of security data, enabling you to surface the threat and exploit information that you need to defend your enterprise. Speakers will also offer recommendations on how to automate some of that data analysis, so that you can identify threats more easily, and stop attackers more quickly.

How Elite Analyst Teams are Transforming Security with Threat Reconnaissance
Date: Feb 24, 2021

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Recent high profile Advanced persistent threat (APT) breaches have highlighted not only the need to see your whole attack surface from the attackers’ perspectives, but the need to get ahead of these threats by monitoring threat actor infrastructures as they evolve.

Organizations in a variety of high-risk industries continually face sophisticated threat actors, and many have fundamentally changed their organizations’ approach to security by implementing forward-leaning threat reconnaissance programs.

In this webinar, we will look at case studies from consumer banks and big retail to illustrate how these organizations are leveraging their analyst teams in more strategic ways to vastly improve their security postures. Learn how these organizations are getting the upper hand on high-criticality threats by tracing, mapping and monitoring the infrastructures of their high priority adversaries.

Protecting Your Enterprise's Intellectual Property
Date: Feb 17, 2021

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Cyber attackers can scrape by stealing personal information and credentials, but the “big score” is intellectual property theft. Attacks on IP require a level of sophistication that most enterprises have never encountered before – is your cybersecurity team ready to face them? In this webinar, you’ll learn about the techniques and tactics that cybercriminals use to crack IP, and how your organization can detect and defend itself against these sophisticated, targeted attacks. 

Building the SOC of the Future: Next-Generation Security Operations
Date: Feb 11, 2021

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No matter what your industry, your organization’s size, or the number of work-from-home staff you have, there is a growing need to monitor your systems for potential threats – and have the capacity to respond quickly in the event of a compromise. To build out this capacity, many enterprises are building or expanding their security operations centers (SOCs) to improve their ability to detect and respond to cyber threats. In this webinar, experts offer insight and recommendations on how to build a next-generation SOC, and what tools and skills you may need to outfit that SOC to respond to today’s most current threats and online exploits.

Securing and Monitoring Networks in the 'New Normal'
Date: Feb 10, 2021

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As the smoke clears from the COVID-19 crisis, one thing is clear: the enterprise network will never be the same. Many end users have discovered that they like working from home, and they’re planning to continue. Many former brick-and-mortar business models have become digital, and will likely stay that way. And network architectures, and the security architectures that support them, will have to change permanently. In this webinar, top experts discuss methods for re-architecting network and security strategies to ensure that these new worker and business models remain safe and minimize cyber risk. You’ll learn how you can adapt your enterprise’s and security tools and practices to the “new normal,” and how to use these changes to make your corporate data more secure.

Making Cybersecurity Work in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
Date: Feb 03, 2021

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Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) sometimes believe they are too small to be targeted by cyber attackers. In recent years, that idea has been debunked by a wide variety of attacks on SMBs, from simple malware to account takeover. Yet many SMBs cannot take advantage of enterprise security tools and services that are too expensive or complex for their small teams to manage. In this Dark Reading webinar, experts offer tips and recommendations for securing the smaller enterprise, and for implementing simple, affordable tools and best practices that make sense for resource-limited SMB.

Building an Application Security Strategy For the Next Decade
Date: Jan 21, 2021

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For many years, enterprises built their application security strategies around vulnerability scanning and next-generation firewalls. But with the advent of DevOps, ShiftLeft, and many other application development tools and strategies, yesterday’s strategies will no longer work for the enterprises of the 2020s. In this webinar, experts offer a look at emerging technologies and trends in application development, and the role that security will play in tomorrow’s software development lifecycle. You’ll also get insight on how to detect and remediate vulnerabilities in off-the-shelf applications, and how to identify and root out vulnerabilities in open source code.

A Radical Approach to Threat Intel Management
Date: Jan 20, 2021

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For years, cyber threat intelligence has been focused on collecting tactical Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) such as domains, IP addresses, & hashes. But what's the point of collecting tactical information that your team can't act on or map to what's happening in your environment?

As a security leader, you need more from your cyber threat intelligence program.

Putting the Secs Into SecDevOps
Date: Jan 13, 2021

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DevOps practices and technologies have changed the way software is developed, written, and run. But how does your application development team build security into its processes? In this webinar, experts discuss the integration of security and DevOps – sometimes called SecDevOps or DevSecOps – and how it can make your applications not only more flexible, but more secure. You’ll also get advice on how to bring your security team and app dev team together through common tools and practices that foster secure code development.

Getting Your Security Tech Together: Making Orchestration and Automation Work For Your Enterprise
Date: Jan 07, 2021

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If your IT shop is like most enterprises’, you’ve got a ton of tools and processes – but no easy way to tie them together and automate them. How can you pull your existing security systems together to improve your data defenses and speed incident response? 

Architecting Security for the Internet of Things
Date: Dec 16, 2020

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As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a broader reality in business, IT and security professionals are being challenged to find ways to secure Internet-enabled technology in all types of non-computer devices. How can an enterprise IT department develop and manage an effective security strategy for IoT technology? In this webcast, experts discuss the most effective approaches to securing the embedded systems used in their enterprise and offer advice on monitoring and protecting next-generation IoT technology.

The Pesky Password Problem: Policies That Help You Gain the Upper Hand on the Bad Guys
Date: Dec 15, 2020

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What really makes a “strong” password? And why are your end-users tortured with them in the first place? How do hackers crack your passwords with ease? And what can/should you do about your authentication methods?

For decades, end-users have borne the brunt of the password tyranny, a result of the IT industries’ inability to engineer secure systems. Password complexity, length, and rotation requirements are the bane of your end-user experience and literally the cause of thousands of data breaches. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Join Roger Grimes, KnowBe4's Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, to find out what your password policy should be and learn about the common mistakes organizations make when creating password policy.

Defense and Response Against Insider Threats & User Errors
Date: Dec 10, 2020

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Your cybersecurity team  has a strategy for preventing hackers from cracking critical systems and data from the outside. But do you have a clear strategy for preventing internal leaks, whether malicious or accidental? And do you have a plan for responding to suspected leaks?  In this webinar, industry experts will discuss the key strategies, processes, and technologies that enterprises need to mitigate the most damaging data breaches of all -- the ones created by trusted users.

Unlocking the Ultimate Source of Truth in Cloud SecurityNetwork Data
Date: Nov 19, 2020

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Learn how virtual taps from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud enable network detection and response (NDR) solutions to help secure cloud environments with agentless and immutable monitoring and threat detection capabilities. Invisible to attackers, NDR solutions sit out of band and analyze network traffic streams to provide crucial information about devices, users, and potential attacks that other security tools simply can’t. Best-of-breed NDR also augments security personnel visibility into SSL/TLS 1.3 encrypted traffic and ML-driven threat detection that alerts only on items that matter while providing intelligence to remediation and forensic workflows.

Now That Ransomware Has Gone Nuclear, How Can You Avoid Becoming the Next Victim?
Date: Aug 18, 2020

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There is a reason more than half of today’s ransomware victims end up paying the ransom. Cyber-criminals have become thoughtful; taking time to maximize your organization’s potential damage and their payoff. After achieving root access, the bad guys explore your network reading email, finding data troves and once they know you, they craft a plan to cause the most panic, pain, and operational disruption. Ransomware has gone nuclear.

Protecting Mobile Apps and APIs from the Inside Out
Date: Jul 29, 2020

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From mobile banking to telemedicine to ecommerce, consumers are relying on web and mobile apps more than ever before. But as organizations become even more dependent on the revenue these apps generate, most still aren’t doing enough to protect applications against attacks that can compromise data or lead to fraud.

Given the threat surface that applications expose, balancing the need for engaging customer experiences with robustly securing web and mobile applications and their underlying APIs can be a struggle for even the most technologically savvy enterprises.

Red Team Realities
Date: May 28, 2020

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Red Team is an exciting term, but it can be misconstrued. How do you know when it’s the right fit for your organization? Using real-world anecdotes, this webinar will illustrate how to navigate a decision-making process aligned to use cases and desired outcomes tailored to your organization's needs. Listen as we discuss the different levels of cybersecurity assessments, and help you determine which one is right for your organization (hint: it's in the title).

The State of IT and Cybersecurity Operations
Date: May 20, 2020

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As companies tighten their belts, the need for coordination between IT and Cybersecurity Operations has never been more urgent. Now is the time to align organizational priorities and budgets.

Dark Reading recently took a measure of the relationship between IT and Security teams. Join us as we discuss the survey, share it's findings and review best practices for CIOs and other leadership roles.

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PUBLISHED: 2021-05-12
Privilege Escalation vulnerability in the File Lock component of McAfee Total Protection (MTP) prior to 16.0.32 allows a local user to gain elevated privileges by manipulating a symbolic link in the IOTL interface.
PUBLISHED: 2021-05-12
Privilege Escalation vulnerability in McAfee Total Protection (MTP) prior to 16.0.32 allows a local user to gain elevated privileges by impersonating a client token which could lead to the bypassing of MTP self-defense.
PUBLISHED: 2021-05-12
By exploiting a time of check to time of use (TOCTOU) race condition during the Endpoint Security for Linux Threat Prevention and Firewall (ENSL TP/FW) installation process, a local user can perform a privilege escalation attack to obtain administrator privileges for the purpose of executing arbitra...
PUBLISHED: 2021-05-12
Affected versions of Atlassian Jira Server and Data Center allow an unauthenticated user to enumerate users via an Information Disclosure vulnerability in the QueryComponentRendererValue!Default.jspa endpoint. The affected versions are before version 8.5.13, from version 8.6.0 before 8.13.5, and fro...
PUBLISHED: 2021-05-11
In the Linux kernel 5.11 through 5.12.2, isotp_setsockopt in net/can/isotp.c allows privilege escalation to root by leveraging a use-after-free. (This does not affect earlier versions that lack CAN ISOTP SF_BROADCAST support.)